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Paper Corrugating Plants-9 (3PLY/5PLY/7PLY)

Database controlled Production Line Management System is an automatic management control system with well monitored and decentralised control. There is a perfect synchronisation of the various equipments installed in the production line. There is a high level of mechanization involved and the order specifications can be changed without the stoppage of the plant. The automated management system displays all the important information with respect to working efficiency, finished products, average speed, production quality and average and spare time. Also, the automatic deceased control system helps in speedy detection of errors as a result of which service and repairs time is shortened.

Following are the various equipments of Corrugation Plant :

Feeding And Stacker Series (BKG-FSS)

Sheet Conveyor

Product Code : BKG-FSS-1
  • Effective Designed Speed Range- 100-180 meter/min
  • Effective Width Range- 1200-2800mm
  • Custom Tailored Length between 3-6 metres
  • Automatic movement with the help of heat-resistant conveyor belt
  • Fitted with Electro-magnetic motor to synchronize the speed with respect to production line
  • Electronic control of the paperboard for height and number variations.
  • Automatic stacking, Motorized transverse and Pneumatic Lifting

Frame Stacker

Product Code : BKG-FSS-2
  • Effective Designed Speed 180 meter/min
  • Effective Width 1200mm-2500mm
  • Effective Stack Height- 1500mm
  • Motorised/Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the upper and lower section.
  • Electrical adjustment of the stacking height.

Automated Stacker

Product Code : BKG-FSS-3
  • Effective Designed Speed- 220 metre/min
  • Effective Stack Height- 1800mm
  • Effective Stack Length- 3000mm
  • Hydraulic lifting lowering rotational movement
  • Automatic production control and Automatic change in the batches in order to ensure accuracy of the counting process
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