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Paper Corrugating Plants-3 (3PLY/5PLY/7PLY)

Database controlled Production Line Management System is an automatic management control system with well monitored and decentralised control. There is a perfect synchronisation of the various equipments installed in the production line. There is a high level of mechanization involved and the order specifications can be changed without the stoppage of the plant. The automated management system displays all the important information with respect to working efficiency, finished products, average speed, production quality and average and spare time. Also, the automatic deceased control system helps in speedy detection of errors as a result of which service and repairs time is shortened.

Following are the various equipments of Corrugation Plant :

Pre-Heater Series (Simple/Duplex/Triplex)

Pre-Heater Series

Product Code : BKG-PHS
  • Effective Diameter of Pre-Heater Drum- 400mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm.
  • Effective Width- 1200mm-2500mm
  • Wrap Roll is fixed for low and medium speed corrugation plants. However, it is motorised for high-speed plants.
  • Chrome Plated and Polished Pre-Heater Drum surface.
  • Butterfly Head design to ensure sufficient heating
  • Electric Control of the heating area. Range of electric wraps angel 50-270 degrees.
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