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Corrugated Cardboard & Box Making Equipments-3

The various equipments involved in transformation of the paper into corrugated sheet and corrugated board are called Corrugated Box Making Equipments. We manufacture a whole range of such equipments. All are equipments are built in heavy-duty structures and we never compromise on our product quality. They are available as a part of the Corrugation Box Making Plant and also as Individual Attachments :


Rotary Die Cutter

Product Code : BKG-PSCDS-1
  • Used for Die-Cutting and Creasing
  • Requisite attachment for solid and calliper boards
  • Chain/Vacuum Paper Feeding System
  • Automatic Transverse Movement
  • High Precision Grinded Rotary Roller
  • Efficient Heat Treatment System for Gears
  • Installed with automatic repairing system for upper roller
  • 360-degree rotational movement of grooving cutters.

Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting And Creasing Machine

Product Code : BKG-PSCDS-2
  • Completes the process of printing (up to 5 colours), slitting, die cutting, creasing, trimming, angle cutting, grooving and punching all at once.
  • Touch screen and electric control dual panel
  • Accurate colour extraction, low maintenance, easy operation, high automation, perfect printing pattern and rapid drying.
  • Spray circulation in the oil panel in order to enhance the life of the machinery parts.
  • Custom made as per required paper feeding size and printing area.

Paper Feeding Unit

Product Code : BKG-PSCDS-2-1
  • Vacuum absorption with backward pushing
  • Automatic front and back baffle adjustment
  • Air- Brush dust-off system removing dust and scrap in order to improve printing quality
  • Skip and every page feed function to provide continuous feed.
  • Complete automatic control with pre-defined programming for front gage, side guides and backward push.
  • Also available as an individual attachment

Printing Unit

Product Code : BKG-PSCDS-2-2
  • High quality steel rollers with hard chrome/tungsten coated electroplated surface
  • High-speed plate changing device.
  • Automatic Re-Setting
  • Automatic Digital Axis Adjustment
  • Electromagnetic Clutch braking system keeping the position of intrinsic gear fixed.
  • High quality grinded rubber gear.
  • Also available as an individual attachment

Slotting Unit

Product Code : BKG-PSCDS-2-3
  • Automatic resetting with electrical internal teeth grooving and carton height adjustment.
  • Urethane Pre- pressing transmission wheel to avoid crushing of the board
  • Alternative movement of up-down knives, positional function of the slotting knife.
  • 360 degree facet adjustment by electric gears
  • Also available as an individual attachment

Die- Cutting Unit

Product Code : BKG-PSCDS-2-4
  • Chrome Plated Steel Tube
  • Facet with special electronic gear design
  • Thin blade slotting and die cutting synthesised accordingly.
  • Co-ordinated line speed function in order to ensure the accuracy of the die-size line
  • Complete Digital set up with programming control
  • Also available as an individual attachment

Stacking Unit

Product Code : BKG-PSCDS-2-5
  • Electric or Automatic paper receiving arm.
  • Stacking Height of 1600 mm
  • Elevation of the collection platform stimulated by solid chains
  • Automatic paper receiving plates and Air pressure movements
  • Adjustable paper receiving arm belt.
  • Also available as an individual attachment
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